Gender Equality Initiative Debate Competition at INTI International University on 16 June 2015

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The Association of Women Lawyers together with the Bar Council and in collaboration with INTI International University, Taylor's University, Advance Tertiary College, Brickfields Asia College, HELP University and KDU banded together again for the Gender Equality Initiative (GEI) by organising a Debate Competition at INTI International University on 16 June 2015. The event began with a welcoming note by the INTI Law Faculty Dean, Dr. Jagdeep Singh, followed by an opening address by AWL's Treasurer, Ida Daniella Zulkifili.

AWL’s Press Statement – on the need to criminalise marital rape

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10th June, 2015

AWL’s Press Statement – on the need to criminalise marital rape

We refer to the news item carried by the Malaysiakini news portal dated 10.6.2015. It was reported that the Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, YB Nancy Shukri had in her parliamentary written reply, confirmed the retention of the exception under Section 375 of the Penal Code, relating to marital rape.

Speech by Meera Samanther, President of AWL at the Colloquium at Taylor's University, 8th of April 2015

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Gender Discrimination in the Working Environment                      8 April 2015


Good Afternoon.

Some of you may be wondering, and rightly so – why is there an organization specifically for Women Lawyers, when the Malaysian Bar caters for all lawyers – male and female lawyers.

Further, women lawyers represent 51 % of the Malaysian Bar. So statistically , this validates the position that the representation of women in the legal profession is fair .

But in reality is there a level playing field? Is it a fair playing field for women lawyers?

Gender Equality Initiative 2015 - Colloquium on Gender Discrimination in the Learning Environment at Taylor's University, 8.4.2015

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AWL's President, Meera Samanther, with the participants
The Association of Women Lawyers and the Bar Council had in late 2014 banded together with Taylor's University, INTI University, Advanced Tertiary College ( ATC), KDU College and Brickfileds Asia College (BAC) to establish the Gender Equality Initiative 2015 (GEI). The objective of the event is to create greater awareness amongst university and college students on gender equality. The first event under the GEI was the Colloquium on Gender Discrimination in the Learning Environment, which was held at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus on the 8th of April 2015.

Come join us in Ipoh for the Aiyoh..Wat Lah! Awards on 10th May 2015!

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What is Aiyoh.. Wat Lah! Awards?

The ‘Aiyoh.. Wat Lah!’ Awards is an annual awards ceremony doubling as a public education tool, used to raise awareness about the pervasiveness of misogyny, sexism, homophobia and transphobia in Malaysia. Nominees are handpicked by JAG through a review of press coverage in the year 2014. Members of the public are invited to vote for the most offensive, according to 7 categories:
i. Foot in Mouth
ii. Insulting Intelligence
iii. Policy Fail
iv. Cannot Ignore
v. Least Helpful to the Sisterhood
vi. Enough Already
vii. Right On Track


Speech by Meera Samanther, President of AWL at the Methodist College Graduation Ceremony

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Morning everyone. It is indeed a great honor to be standing here before all of you and especially to be seated with one of my former teachers Ms Moey . She was an icon at BBGS and loved by all of us.

Ms Moey had very eloquently informed you about my work with the women’s movement and the years spent working on human rights, in particular women’s rights.

Now, let me share with you the many challenges that I had faced and how these challenges molded me and strengthened me to become who I have become today.

Modest Attire Will Not Prevent Rape - Joint Action Group for Gender Equality

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The Joint Action Group for Gender Equality (JAG) notes the recent Selangor Islamic Affairs Department (Jais) Friday sermon ‘Aurat: Antara Kebebasan dan Maruah Diri’ (Aurat: Between freedom and dignity). One of the points made was that women should cover themselves up to avoid sexual harassment and abuse by men (Wanita hendaklah menutup aurat supaya terhindar daripada gangguan seksual dan penganiayaan oleh lelaki yang tidak bermaruah dan bermoral).

Statement by EMPOWER - JAIS Sermon Perpetuates Rape Myths

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JAIS Sermon Perpetuates Rape Myths
9 February 2015

Persatuan Kesedaran Komuniti Selangor (EMPOWER) is appalled to read that the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) has released a Friday sermon claiming that women covering their “aurat” would prevent rape. Once again, rape victims are blamed while rapists are absolved of responsibility over their actions.

FREE PDC/AWL Seminar on Legal Case Management Support for Victims of Human Trafficking on 27 January 2015

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The KL Bar Professional Development Committee and the Association of Women Lawyers (AWL) are jointly organising a Seminar by Daniel Lo on Tuesday, 27 January 2015 from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm at the KL Bar Auditorium, 4th Floor, Wisma Hangsam, No.1, Jalan Hang Lekir, 50000 Kuala Lumpur.

AWL-Bar Council's Workshop on Leveraging Leadership

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AWL together with the Malaysian Bar organised a "Workshop on Leveraging Leadership" on 13.1.2015. The workshop focused on the concept of "respect" between one another, particularly with relation to gender equality. Participants were reminded that everyone is a leader, and that respect is the most fundamental characteristic in leadership. Many of them left with new insights and knowledge about the difference between gender and sex, the different categories of discrimination based on gender, and ways to deal with sexual harassment.